Wedding Website Domain Dos & Don’ts

The two major decisions associated with creating your wedding website are 1) picking your design/template  and 2) selecting your domain name. Wedding planning is chalk full of choices, which can be a little daunting. Luckily, simply having a wedding website to exchange event information with guests alleviates much of your stress to begin with, but we want to make things even easier on you. We’ve lined up dos and don’ts of wedding website domain names to aid your decision making process, so you can finally print and mail those save-the-dates already!

Unfortunately, not all wedding websites let you decide your own domain, but because Riley & Grey does our team has a lot of insider knowledge on what makes some domain names work well and others not so much. Not to brag, but this is kind of our thing; this is what we do. Eight often overlooked need-to-know no-brainers await you below. So read up!

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1. DO follow our example. It should come as no surprise that here at Riley & Grey we’re big fans of the (your name)and(spouse’s name).com format. Domain names that simply combine the first or last names of the couple in question are super easy for guests to keep track of— considering (fingers crossed) only a handful will struggle to remember your names.

You can even go beyond the “and” with other words or symbols to join your names and rearrange your name order if the basic (your name)and(spouse’s name).com is taken. Just remember that the ampersand (&) symbol doesn’t work in domain names.


Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.14.45 PM

Riley & Grey “Deco” design in sheer pink

2. DON’T submit your domain without proofreading  your word/name combinations and typing out your domain as it will appear in someone’s browser. Remember, URLs don’t have spaces! Though unlikely, letters from separate words may meet to form another word you didn’t intend to include in your domain.

On a similar note, try to avoid any consecutive, repeating letters. Try re-ordering the keywords or names in your domain name to fix this issue.

BAD EXAMPLE: — That’s a lot of “a’s” to keep tabs on. Guests might drop one of those double “a’s” accidentally when typing this URL into their browsers, and when they aren’t taken to the site they expect it may take them a while to realize they’ve entered the domain incorrectly. 


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  • Krissy says:

    An excellent list of do’s & dont’s for all soon to be wed couples to follow. Its amazing something so simple as proofreading your domain name wording & combinations can be overlooked – keep it small and simple! But then who can resist a pun? Great article.

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