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Easily build one universal registry with any product on the Internet, and cash funds to support your dreams.

What can couples do with Riley & Grey Registry?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or feeling pretty established, guide your guests towards gifts that make an impact on the next chapter of your lives.

Wedding registry example
Register for any gift,
giftcard or experience on the Internet, choose to receive the cash-equivalent of a gift, and decide when a gift ships at your convenience.
Add cash funds for monetary gifting
with the lowest fees in the industry, and opt to cash out with gift cards from the top retailers to receive bonus value.
Include registries from third-party retailers
directly on your wedding website alongside your other gifts and cash funds for a seamless and beautiful experience for your guests.

Elevate your wedding registry experience.

Celebrate love, share happiness with absolute personalization for you, and a pleasant experience for your guests.

Everything in one place

Add any gift, experience or cash goal* that your guests can purchase right on your site, without needing to make multiple registries.

Choose to fulfill your gifts when you want, or receive the cash-equivalent value.

* Cash funds currently available to US customers only. Couples outside of the US may opt to add third-party cash registries directly on the wedding website.

Get more from monetary gifts

The only registry that offers bonus dollars for redeeming your cash gifts for gift cards from popular retailers.

No hidden costs or fake “fee-free” options, Riley & Grey has the lowest fees in the industry that you can choose for your guests to pay or take on as a couple.

Beautiful and functional

Wedding gifting that's enjoyable for your guests and easy for you. Build a gorgeous registry that fits seamlessly on your site, turn high-ticket items into a group gift, and add custom notes to guests about your selections.

Keep track of everything in one place and choose when you want to receive your gifts.

The most transparent and simple cash registry option

Whether the others tell you or not, there’s truly no “fee-free” option out there.

Let’s talk fees for cash funds

This gifting fee covers the transactional costs of working with our financial partners. For credit card payments, the gifting fee is higher due to credit card processing fees.

You choose if you or your guests cover this cost.

Gifting fees

  • 2% for bank account transactions
  • 2.5% for credit card transactions
  • No fees to transfer your gifts
  • Get extra $ with gift card redemption

Gifting fee


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Cash fund currently available to US customers only

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