Your wedding registry, exactly as you like it.

Easily build one universal registry with any product on the Internet, and cash funds to support your dreams.

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Everything in one place.

Add any gift, experience or cash goal that your guests can purchase right on your wedding website, without needing to make multiple registries.

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Get more from monetary gifts.

  • The only cash wedding registry that offers bonus dollars for redeeming your cash gifts for gift cards from popular retailers.
  • Choose to fulfill your wedding gifts when you want, or receive the cash-equivalent.
  • No hidden costs or fake “fee-free” options, we have the lowest fees in the industry that you can choose for your guests to pay or take on as a couple.

Cash registry currently only available for US customers.

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Beautiful and functional.

Wedding gifting that's enjoyable for your guests and easy for you. Build a gorgeous registry that fits seamlessly on your wedding website, turn high-ticket items into a group gift, and add custom notes to guests about your selections.

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Support when you need it

  • Keep track of your gifts and thank you notes with our management software.
  • Receive best-in-class customer support to help you and your guests through the whole journey.

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