Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I password protect my wedding website?

A: Of course! While all of our websites are secure with SSL (https:) and are hidden from search engines by default to protect the privacy of our customers, you can add additional security by putting password protection on your wedding website. You can do so by clicking "Website Settings" in the left column of your website editor. You will then see options for website settings populate in the right column of your website editor. Scroll down to "Password" and click the toggle to set a password for your wedding website. Don't forget to click "Save password settings".

If enabled, the password is applied to the entire website for every visitor, and can't be set to protect only certain pages. Please note that you can enable password protection on your wedding website with both Simple Mode and Advanced Mode of Guest Management! Advanced Mode, features another level of security because visitors are required to identify themselves as guests by their first and last name OR email address.

Q: I already bought a domain name through another service. Can I use that on my Riley & Grey wedding website?

A: Yes, you can use a domain you have already purchased through anouther service. During the checkout process, you will select the option "I have my own domain name" and type in your existing custom domain name. After you complete the checkout process, you will be given instructions on how to connect your domain to Riley & Grey.

Q: Can I use my own background or fnots on my wedding website?

A: Riley & Grey tries to maintain a fine balance between the integrity of its designs, and ease of use for its editing platform. We offer a wide variety of design templates with unique colors and fonts. Some designs have more customization ability than others. For example, the Nom design supports the entire Google font library, while others have more limited options. We encourage you to have fun and play around with the designs, so that you can create a wedding website that will best fit your vision. Please note that if you start with one design and decide to change it, you can absolutely do so at any time and all your work on the first design will be transferred to the next one.

Q: What does “navigation menu link” mean?

A: The navigation link is the clickable text in the navigation bar at the top of your website that allows you to go directly to a page without scrolling to it. Within the wedding website editor, you can turn this on or off for each page (except the Home page) in your wedding website. To do this, direct your eyes to the left column of your editor and simply hover over the title of the page you want to add/remove from the navigation bar. Click the three dots to click "Add to Nav" or "Remove from Nav". Again, this simply determines if that page will have a direct link in your navigation bar. It is possible for a page to be in the layout of your site without having a link to it in the navigation bar. Some pages can be scrolled from top to bottom, so your guests will still see the page if you have not opted to "Add to Nav" for that page, but the page is not completely removed from your layout.

Q: Are your wedding website designs free?

A: There is no cost to simply sign up for a Riley & Grey account and start building your website. You can check out all of the features we offer without any form of payment required (or trial period)! Payment is only necessary when you either a.) Want to publish the website and start sharing it with friends and family or b.) You're not quite ready yet to publish, but you want to lock down your custom domain name and limited edition design.

If you're ready to publish, then you can either pay month-to-month at $35 per month, or you can purchase as 12-month package at $240 total (40% in savings!). If you're not ready to publish yet, the "Reserve" option is a great choice. This is not a separate fee! The money paid to reserve your domain name and design is kept on file as a credit, and will be applied against your future publishing costs (monthly or annual).

Included with a paying membership:

a) wedding website

b) custom domain name

c) RSVP and guest management capability

d) wedding registry usage

e) ability to send digital save-the-dates, invitations, and other email correspondence to your guests directly through our email system

f) access to our paper designs

Q: Can I changed my design or website information once I've published my wedding website?

A: Yes, you can always make and save changes to the content, photos, and design of your website before and after publishing. Just keep in mind that all changes are live once a website is made public. Clicking "Save" after editing will push your new changes live immediately if the wedding website is already published, since we are not currently offering a "staging" option.

Q: Why doesn't my wedding website show up on Google or any other search engines?

A: By default, we hide every Riley & Grey wedding website from search engines to protect the privacy of our clients. However, it you would like to make your wedding website searchable, you can make that adjustment in the your account. For more information on how to do this, please visit the following help article: Can I make my wedding website searchable on Google and track Google Analytics?

Q: Does Riley & Grey provide wedding invitations or save-the-date designs that match my website?

A: Yes, you certainly can send digital save-the-date, invitations, and other emailed correspondence to your weddign. guests with Advanced Mode of Guest Management with Riley & Grey. For more information on how to do this, please visit the following help article: Advanced Mode: Send Digital Save-the-Dates and Invitations