Wedding websites
that are as vibrant
as you are.

Build a beautiful wedding website, fast. Share your personality, take care of your guests, and bring a little logic to all the logistics with our easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, and easy-to-love websites.

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Showcase your unique style with beautiful, customizable
wedding website templates.

Theme-y cheesiness be gone. Our modern and elevated sites are inspired by the best of design and decor. Just because you're engaged, doesn't mean your taste has suddenly turned to doves and doilies. Our sites will help you reflect your true style, whether it has anything to do with traditional weddings or not.

Set up in a snap. Spend
time enjoying each other,
not building your wedding

The learning curve on those one-size-fits all website platforms can be steep. We've given you just enough of a starting point to take out the headaches, but enough flexibility to create something unique.

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Build a cohesive wedding
brand with cross-platform,
elegant wedding invitations.

Wedding websites are just the beginning. Along with digital invitations and an optimized mobile experience, we've curated collaborations with the best bespoke stationers. Cross even more off that to-do list with a one stop shop for your wedding presence - online and IRL.

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Honor global traditions
with customizations for
wedding invitations from across
the globe.

We're based in NYC, but our couples span the globe, and so do their guests. We can change your site to a different language and help you add the many travel details that guests from afar need. Our year package also allows you to get your site up early and give them plenty of time to plan.

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Organize the chaos with
a wedding RSVP your
guests will be excited to
use–directly on your

Our signature mad-libs bring a little fun and lots of detail to the RSVP process. Capture as much or as little info as you want. It can be hard to squeeze all your questions on to paper RSVP cards. Our RSVP system allows you to anticipate your guests' every need or just get their help with that always important playlist.

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Cruise through our
wedding website examples
for inspiration. Or just play
around & build your whole
site for free.

We've put real couples and example copy into some of our favorite templates. You can even make edits and use them as a starting point to build your own site. We've covered the bases, with popular themes, engagement photo ideas, and more. Browse the collection and get those creative juices flowing! Upload your photos, draft up your love story, and save your work without laying down your plastic.

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