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Wedding Planning

5 Wedding Cake Design Questions You Can’t Forget to Ask

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Event Decor & Details

Wedding Flowers 101: Cost, Season and Arrangement

A one-on-one wedding flower 101 with someone who lives and breathes bouquets, New York's cool girl florist Florabrook. continue reading
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6 Insider Insights on Out-Of-The-Box Wedding Reception Venues

You have way more options than you think. Industry experts weigh the pros and cons of wedding reception venue ideas that you maybe haven't considered. continue reading
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Fashion & Photography

Anti-Cheese Engagement & Wedding Photo Idea Dos & Don'ts

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Event Decor & Details

4 Wedding Flower Faux Pas Almost Everyone Commits

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Wedding Party

Bachelor Party 101: A Quick Q&A With The Sophisticated Crew from The Black Tux

Cool grooms and groomsmen take note. Your cheatsheet of the best and baddest bachelor party ideas... that aren't Vegas. continue reading
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Event Decor & Details

Witty Advice for Your Wedding Decoration Rentals

The memories are forever, but the party props are for one day only. Everything you need to know about wedding decoration rentals from two stylish pros. continue reading
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Fashion & Photography

A Perfect Match? Pairing Engagement & Wedding Ring Designs

Are there "rules" for picking your engagement and wedding rings as a couple? Is coordination key? Top NYC ring pros from Anna Sheffield and Catbird talk finding your "match" and the REAL meaning behind your engagement and wedding rings. continue reading
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Wedding Planning

Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planning

Go-To Tricks for Managing Wedding Decoration Costs

High impact, low cost wedding decoration budgeting tips from the pros. This is a must-read. continue reading
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Don't Forget the Party Part: Wedding Entertainment Ideas To Get Your Bash Buzzing

It's a fact easy to miss amongst all the mood-board-ing and pinning, but your big day is actually one big party and not just a photo-op. Remember to plan on enjoying yourself with your loved ones with these wedding entertainment ideas. continue reading
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Fashion & Photography

Wedding Photography Negotiations: Talking Your Way into Some Stunning Snaps

So you already have some engagement and wedding photo ideas for capturing the big day and before. But how do you make that vision a reality & factor in the most important third party in this equation: your wedding photographer? continue reading