By Riley & Grey|Wedding Planning|April 12, 2024

Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After: Funny Truths About Planning Your Wedding as an Engaged Couple

Image by Dmitriy Ganin

At some point, everyone may get on your nerves. You’ll realize a detail was missed (this writer left her veil behind on her wedding day). And within the rush of walking down the aisle, just before your reception begins, or in the middle of the dance floor you’ll come to an amazingly overwhelming realization that everyone is there just for you on your big day. Your wedding day and the time leading up to it you’ll encounter some universal truths as you dive into the world of venues, guest lists, and cake tastings. And, you'll quickly discover that amidst the romance, there's plenty of room for laughter. Here are some hilarious truths about navigating the wild ride of wedding planning as a couple:

1. The Guest List Balancing Act

Ah, the guest list—a delicate dance of diplomacy and numbers. You'll find yourselves pondering questions like, "Do we really need to invite Aunt Mildred's second cousin twice removed?" and "Can we fit all of our friends without renting out a stadium?" Brace yourselves for the inevitable debates and negotiations, complete with Excel spreadsheets and maybe a few rounds of "rock, paper, scissors."

2. Pinterest vs. Reality

Enter the black hole of wedding inspiration: Pinterest. From rustic-chic barn weddings to fairy-tale castle extravaganzas, the possibilities are endless. But beware the DIY projects that seem so simple on-screen. Cue the moment you realize your "easy" centerpieces look more like a failed art project from kindergarten. Embrace the laughter as you channel your inner crafting guru (or enlist the help of a patient friend).

3. The Great Cake Debate

"Chocolate or vanilla?" "Fondant or buttercream?" "Should we have a traditional tiered cake or opt for a tower of donuts?" Prepare for the sweetest of dilemmas as you navigate the world of wedding desserts. And let's not forget the joy of cake tastings—aka, the one wedding task that nobody minds volunteering for.

4. Dance Lessons, Anyone?

First dance anxiety, anyone? Whether you're secretly planning a surprise choreographed routine or aiming for the classic slow sway, the pressure is on. Get ready for giggles, missteps, and the occasional toe-crushing moment during those practice sessions in your living room.

5. The Budget Rollercoaster

Ah, the wedding budget—a source of both amusement and dread. You'll start off with ambitious plans, only to realize that champagne dreams often come with beer budgets. Prepare for the moment when you debate the merits of splurging on that designer dress versus saving for a down payment on a house. Spoiler alert: compromise is key!

6. "What Do You Mean, I Have to Wear a Suit?"

Gentlemen, get ready for the adventure of wedding attire shopping. From the quest for the perfect suit or tuxedo to deciphering the difference between "ivory" and "eggshell" for the tie, you'll find yourselves in uncharted fashion territory. Embrace the confusion, and remember, it's all part of the journey to looking dapper on the big day.

7. The Seating Chart Saga

Welcome to the ultimate puzzle challenge: the seating chart. Brace yourselves for the hilarious realization that your high school friends can't sit near your college buddies without risking a clash of worlds. Bonus points for navigating the "adults-only" table without causing family feuds.

8. The "But It's on the Website!" Conundrum

Ah, the perennial mystery of wedding planning: the constant barrage of questions, despite having all the information clearly stated on your meticulously crafted wedding website. Brace yourselves for texts, calls, and emails asking for the venue address, the dress code, and whether Uncle Bob can bring his pet parrot. You'll learn to smile politely and resist the urge to reply with, "Have you checked the website?"

9. RSVP Drama

Finally, the RSVP deadline arrives, and you're eagerly awaiting those last few responses. Prepare for the unexpected as you decode cryptic replies, decipher handwriting that rivals ancient hieroglyphics, and wonder why Aunt Susan insists on bringing her gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, everything-free diet to a feast fit for a king.

As you navigate the highs and lows of wedding planning, remember that laughter truly is the best medicine. Embrace the mishaps, the unexpected surprises, and the moments when you can't help but laugh until your cheeks hurt. Because amidst the chaos, there's a beautiful love story unfolding—one filled with joy, shared jokes, and the promise of a lifetime of adventures together.

So, here's to the comedy of errors that is wedding planning! May your journey be filled with love, laughter, and the perfect balance of chaos and bliss as you create memories to last a lifetime.