By Riley & Grey|Wedding Planning|May 10, 2024

How to Handle Kids at Your Wedding

Image courtesy of Taha Samet Arslan

Whether you can’t get enough of them, or can’t stand being around them right now, it’s likely that some of your guests have children. Having a clear point of view about how you want to handle children at your wedding, and how you communicate it, will save you time and undue stress leading up to the big day. From a kid-free affair to providing on-site childcare, there are several options to choose from. Here’s a breakdown to help you make the right choice for your wedding, plus examples of what you can include on your Riley & Grey wedding website wedding website to share the decision.

No Kids Allowed

Some couples opt for a child-free wedding to maintain a more formal atmosphere or due to space and budget constraints. If you decide to go this route, be prepared to politely communicate your decision to guests.

Here's some sample copy:

"While we adore the little ones in our lives, we have chosen to host an adults-only celebration. We hope you understand and can arrange for childcare during the event."

Only Wedding Party Kids

If you have children who are part of your wedding party, such as flower girls or ring bearers, you may choose to include them while excluding other children. This allows you to involve the special kids in your life without opening the event to all youngsters.

Sample copy:

"We’re excited to have our adorable flower girls and ring bearers be a part of our big day. While we won’t be able to accommodate other children, we look forward to celebrating with you!"

Connect with Local Childcare

For couples who want to accommodate children but prefer them not to attend the wedding itself, connecting guests with local childcare options can be a thoughtful gesture. Include information about trusted childcare services in your wedding invitation or on your wedding website.

Sample copy:

"We understand that arranging childcare for the wedding day can be challenging. To assist our guests, we’ve compiled a list of reputable local childcare providers. Please visit our wedding website for more information."

Allow Any and All Kids

On the other hand, some couples embrace the joy and energy that children bring to weddings and welcome them with open arms. If you decide to invite all children, be sure to plan activities or designate a kids' area to keep them entertained, and include their names on the family wedding invitation.

Sample copy:

"We can’t wait to celebrate with our nearest and dearest, big and small! Children are more than welcome at our wedding, and we’ll have plenty of fun activities to keep them entertained."

Provide On-Site Childcare

For couples who want to include children but also want their guests to relax and enjoy the celebration, providing on-site childcare can be a great solution. Hire professional caregivers to supervise the kids in a separate area, allowing parents to fully participate in the festivities.

Sample copy:

"To ensure all our guests can fully enjoy the celebration, we’ll be providing on-site childcare during the wedding. Parents can relax and have fun knowing their little ones are in good hands."

Remember, whatever option you choose, it’s important to clearly communicate your decision to guests. Include information about your choice on your wedding website, and consider adding a note in your invitations if necessary. Additionally, keep in mind that surrounding events like welcome nights or Sunday brunches may be more flexible with kids, providing alternative opportunities for families to celebrate together.

By thoughtfully considering the presence of children at your wedding and communicating your decision with care, you can ensure that your big day is enjoyable for everyone involved.