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Practical Engagement Party Advice from Industry Experts

Even if your wedding isn't anytime soon, once you're engaged, the party starts. We want you to get excited, not overwhelmed. So, here you go. Engagement party 101: who to invite, event etiquette, and how to plan from the pros. continue reading

Bridal Shower Ideas that are Heavy on Fun & Light on Tradition

Easy and fun bridal shower ideas and tips. Finding a balance amongst the three b’s: budget, bridal aesthetic, and bandwidth. continue reading
Wedding Party

Simple & Personalized Wedding Favors Beyond the “Monogrammed Trinket”

Thank your wedding guests with these thoughtful and creative wedding favors and guest gifts. We promise these won't get left in hotel rooms or discarded on reception tables. continue reading

Comin’ & Goin’ : Wedding Entrances and Exits That Make a Statement

Exciting and simple wedding entrance ideas that make a celebration (not a spectacle) of your big day. continue reading
Wedding Planning

Wedding Flower Costs & Budget: How to Get the Biggest Blooms for Your Buck

Two of our favorite Brooklyn florists tell us how to keep your wedding flowers costs from outgrowing your event's decoration budget. (Pun most definitely intended). continue reading

Touching, Traditional Wedding Ceremonies with a Twist

Wedding vows and ceremony ideas from wedding planners' favorite couple clients and their big days. continue reading
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How to Choose Engagement and Wedding Ring Designs That Match Your Style

The experts behind, Catbird and Anna Sheffield, the jewelry brands/designers most beloved by NYC's coolest couples, teach us how to choose engagement and wedding ring designs. continue reading
Wedding Planning

How to Make Plans with Your Wedding Planner

Top planner Brita Olsen talks wedding planner + client relationship. continue reading
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5 Anti-Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Actually Restorative

Spend quality time with your friends and get centered before the big celebration with these bachelorette party ideas full of spirit & soul... not Tequila. continue reading
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Wedding Cake Tips (and Toppers) from the Best & Boldest Bakers

Inspiring wedding cake topper and decoration ideas from three of the most talented and creative confectioners out there. continue reading