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Event Decor & Details

Wedding Cake Tips (and Toppers) from the Best & Boldest Bakers

Inspiring wedding cake topper and decoration ideas from three of the most talented and creative confectioners out there. continue reading

Touching, Traditional Wedding Ceremonies with a Twist

Wedding vows and ceremony ideas from wedding planners' favorite couple clients and their big days. continue reading
Wedding Party

5 Anti-Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Actually Restorative

Spend quality time with your friends and get centered before the big celebration with these bachelorette party ideas full of spirit & soul... not Tequila. continue reading
Wedding Planning

How to Make Plans with Your Wedding Planner

Top planner Brita Olsen talks wedding planner + client relationship. continue reading
Fashion & Photography

How to Choose Engagement and Wedding Ring Designs That Match Your Style

The experts behind, Catbird and Anna Sheffield, the jewelry brands/designers most beloved by NYC's coolest couples, teach us how to choose engagement and wedding ring designs. continue reading