By Riley & Grey|Wedding Planning|June 02, 2023

How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Website Custom URL

Wouldn’t it be nice if some wedding decisions were so easy, they didn’t require a second thought or even a quick search on the Internet for advice? While many couples initially think of combining their names to create a unique URL, the reality is that numerous combinations may already be taken. But, fear not! Here, let’s explore some creative ways to get a unique URL that reflects you as a couple, and thanks to wedding website services like Riley & Grey, you can secure it quickly and hassle-free. Along with providing inspiration for a personalized URL, we will also delve into how Riley & Grey's Reserve Plan ensures that your desired domain name is available when you're ready to make your wedding website live. So, let's get you on your way to deciding on a custom wedding website URL that’s easy for your guests to remember.

Combining Your Names:

One of the most popular and straight-forward approaches to selecting a wedding website custom URL is by combining the couple's names, but the reality is that many name combinations may already be taken. By blending your names creatively, you can secure a memorable and preferred URL that represents your names as a couple. For example, if Michael Wang and Sophia Patel are getting married, they could check out first name options like "," or add signifiers like “wedding,” “union,” “tietheknot” to the end of the URL, or “loves” in between the two names, ie, “” Using last names in replace of, or in addition to first names also makes availability more likely.

Pro tip: do a quick Google search for your name combination before making your purchase. Doing this would have prevented a certain coworker of ours from making a discovery that they shared the same name combo as adult entertainers.

Incorporating Details about Yourself:

Another way to choose a custom URL for your wedding website is by incorporating details about yourselves. Think about your shared interests, hobbies, or significant milestones that define your relationship. For instance, if you both love traveling, you could opt for a URL like "" or "" By including personal details, your URL becomes an extension of your love story.

Reflecting the Wedding Theme or Venue:

If you have already decided on a wedding theme or booked a unique venue, consider incorporating it into your custom URL. This approach helps set the tone for your wedding and gives guests a glimpse of what to expect. For instance, if you're having a beach wedding in Ibiza, you might choose a URL like "" or ""

Images: Ketut Subiyanto and Riley & Grey

Riley & Grey's Reserve Plan:

When it comes to securing your desired wedding website custom URL, the Reserve Plan offered by Riley & Grey can be a valuable resource. Riley & Grey is a renowned wedding website company that allows couples to reserve their chosen domain name before they're ready to make their website live. This feature helps you lock in the URL of your dreams, ensuring that no one else snatches it away while you finalize your website details.

With Riley & Grey's Reserve Plan for $35, couples can avoid the disappointment of finding their preferred domain name already taken. By reserving the custom URL in advance, you can relax knowing that it's secured for your special day.

Selecting a wedding website custom URL is one of the exciting opportunities engaged couples have to express their unique love story and wedding aesthetic. By combining your names, incorporating personal details, or reflecting the wedding theme or venue, you can find a URL that truly represents you as a couple. Additionally, the Reserve Plan offered by Riley & Grey allows you to secure your desired domain name early on, ensuring that you have the perfect URL when you're ready to launch your wedding website.

Your wedding website's custom URL is not just a web address; it's a reflection of your love, excitement, and the journey you're about to embark on together, and it’s something you have the option to hold onto long after the big day. So, take your time, brainstorm ideas, and choose a URL that resonates with both of you. Let your custom URL become a cherished part of your wedding memories, one that you can look back on with joy for years to come.