By Riley & Grey|Wedding Planning|June 30, 2023

This tip makes putting your guest list together a breeze

There’s no denying that putting together your wedding guest list can feel like a daunting task. After you’ve established your vision for the size of your wedding and thought about budget, you, your fiance, and your respective families can come together to make a cohesive list of those that you’ll be inviting to be a part of your special day.

Once you know who is getting an invite, the next step is collecting all of their contact information. Your wedding website can be the easiest way to prompt your guests for the necessary details that you need for sending out wedding invitations and any wedding communications. With wedding website company Riley & Grey, you can set your site up early in your planning process for contact information collection, and text or email your guests with the link to the website to make the process a breeze.

Riley & Grey website editor

To collect guest contact information, navigate to your website editor’s RSVP section.

Disable all toggles other than “Enable Contact Info.” You can then choose what contact information you’d like from your guests, including name, email, phone number and address, and toggle those sections off and on accordingly. (Pro-tip: in most cases it’s best to get too much information than too little!)

You can then direct guests to your website via text, email or IRL, to have them complete this contact information request. Their information will be captured as part of your "Collected RSVPs" report.

An example of guest information collection

Once you have all of the guest information you need, you can then export a list as a downloadable spreadsheet in CSV or Excel formal. When you’re eventually ready to collect wedding RSVPs, our customer support team can help clear out the contact information to make way for the final RSVPs.

By creating this simple form on your website, you’re making it easy on yourself and your guests to get all of the up to date and accurate information needed for your wedding invitations and wedding-related communications.

Export your guest contact information as a CSV or Excel file from the Collected RSVPs section