By Riley & Grey|Wedding Party|November 01, 2016

5 Anti-Vegas Bachelorette Party Ideas That Are Actually Restorative

Photo: Mario Testino

Planning a wedding is a process filled with all kinds of love, celebration and beauty - all of which is coupled with formality, tradition and (dare we say it?) obligation; a potent mixture that makes it one of the most significant moments of adult life. This is also why it’s fun and oh-so-worthwhile to think outside of the box and add a little extra sparkle and magic into the components of the wedding that skew less traditional - this is where your bachelorette party comes in. Your bachelorette party is your moment to shine with your lady crew; to be a little original and less traditional. Since you can find tips on the go-to Vegas party anywhere, we thought we’d serve up a few ideas for your bachelorette party that are magical and sure to bring your coven (read: closest sister friends) even closer before your Big Day:

1. Astrology

Since you and your love are clearly beyond swapping signs and googling zodiac compatibility, a great idea for your bachelorette party is to bring all your girlfriends together to have their birth charts read by the pros. Our friends Ophi and Tali Edut aka The Astro Twins are some of our favorite astrologists in the business and they’re the perfect example of the kind of energy you’ll want in your astrologist: brilliantly talented, fun and sweet, and all about female empowerment. Another nice touch for the bachelorette party? Individualized birth chart t-shirts, which you can order ahead of time for each guest at The Numinous.

2. Tarot Reading

Want a little more insight into what life might hold after your Big Day? Organizing a tarot card reading bachelorette party can be a fun and, truly, very soulful way to ground yourself, set intentions and get very clear about the future you’re co-creating with your boo. You can definitely get creative with this bachelorette party idea as there are many different tarot cards and readers to choose from. One of our favorite tarot decks? The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards created by Doreen Virtue. We know you’re going to feel like a Queen on your wedding day, so why not tap into your inner goddess during your bachelorette party?

3. Yoga & Meditation Retreat

Who says your bachelorette party has to be all about bottle service and hard-to-remember nights painting the town red? Maybe instead of stepping out, stepping in is more your thing; getting in touch with your inner self, finding a place of calm and using your brain power to visualize your dream future. This bachelorette party idea doesn’t just have us toasting to our green juice, it has some legit research behind it. Even the New York Times has been covering the growing trend toward wellness rather than wildness.

4. Spa Day

On the subject of wellness; a little extra love and pampering for your outer beauty can be just as soul satisfying as finally mastering your yogi headstand. To pull off this bachelorette party idea, consider taking your girlfriends to a destination spa where you can clock in on Friday and peace out after a super healthified brunch on Sunday; it’s the perfect combo of slumber party meets glam squad, peppered with a little healing. There are so many ways to feel beautiful and connected to your closest girlfriends and this bachelorette party idea hits on all the right notes.

5. Crystal Workshop

If you’ve been loving that rock on your finger, you might want to consider taking things to the next level of rock-loving goodness for your bachelorette party! Working with crystals can be a fun way to explore beauty, energy and ritual. Whether you’re into rose quartz (for love!) or clear quartz (the energy amplifier) or amethyst (balance, patience & peace), this is a super fun way to take your appreciate of gems to the max. And, if you’re looking for out-of-this-world tokens to send your girls home with, check out the work of crystal artist Adina Mills - her unique crystal jewelry pieces are beyond. (We may or may not own several, just saying).

These bachelorette party ideas are magical, meaningful and will leave you feeling connected on so many levels. And, in the end, isn’t that what’s all about? We think so, but then again, we’re always down to celebrating love and connection with creativity and soul.

(Thumbnail Photo: Greg Mionske, Vogue)