By Riley & Grey|Wedding Party|April 25, 2024

Bachelorette Game Idea: Ask the Fiancé

Image courtesy of Jessica and Justin

As far as bachelorette games go, they can really span the gamut in terms of entertainment value and appropriateness. We love “Ask the Fiancé” for its flexibility, opportunity for laughs, and sentimentality.

The instructions are simple: before the event, give the fiancé time to answer a series of questions either in writing or on video and send them back to the planner in secret. The guest of honor can then answer them in front of the group for prizes, drinks or clout. The attendees can also get in on the fun by guessing answers on a sheet of paper, or serve as the game show audience.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of questions to get started, but they are completely adaptable!

  1. Where did you two first meet?
  2. When is your anniversary?
  3. What is Justin’s biggest pet peeve?
  4. If Justin could get rid of anything in Jess’s wardrobe, what article of clothing would he dump?
  5. What one thing of Justin’s would Jess most want to throw away?
  6. What one thing has Justin cared about most in wedding planning?
  7. Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when she ____________________.
  8. Complete the following sentence: “A perfect wife is one who __________________________”
  9. You’ve gone for a quick grocery store run. On a whim, you decide to get Jess a little surprise treat. What would the treat be?
  10. At what time of the day would Jess most likely try to seduce Justin?
  11. Who is Justin’s celebrity crush?
  12. What is Justin’s favorite drink?
  13. What would Justin want to eat at his last meal?
  14. What is Justin’s favorite body part of Jess’s?
  15. What is Justin’s favorite thing about Jess’s personality?
  16. When Jess says, “Justin, they’re playing our song” what song are they playing?
  17. Enjoy!