24 Wedding Website Welcome Message Examples (You Can Use)

This is the first thing your guests will see when they land on your wedding website, so we'd say it's pretty important! Your wedding website welcome message can help you set the tone for the big day and get your guests excited.

Having a great welcome message will ensure that your guests interact with your website and invitation, and hopefully they'll also check out the wedding details and RSVP. You want this message to be a nod to your personalities as a couple and to the vibe of your celebration. It should make guests feel welcome and show them that you want them to celebrate your big day with you.

Let's take a look at some different examples and ideas to help you create the perfect wedding website welcome message.

Wedding Website Welcome Message Ideas & Examples

Your wedding website welcome message should reflect your and your partner's unique personalities, and your relationship. It should instill excitement in your guests and get them ready to celebrate with you.

There are many different tones you can take in your communication with guests, but it is a good idea to keep the tone the same throughout the website. If your welcome message is sassy, for example, make the wording on your FAQs, your RSVPs, and your schedule sassy as well.

Keep it short, sweet (if you want), and to the point. Make sure you say everything you want to say in the most concise way possible. You don't have to stick to the exact wording of these wedding website welcome message ideas either, feel free to mix and match until you find something that suits you!

Short & Punchy

For those of you who aren't big on words, or space, Here are some examples of one-liners you can use as a welcome message:

  1. "Love is in the air! We can't wait to celebrate our big day with you there."
  2. "We're tying the knot! Join us on our journey from "me" to "we"."
  3. "Hello and Welcome, we're so glad you're here! Get ready to celebrate with us as we say "I Do"."
  4. "We said "yes", and we want you to as well. Join us to celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives."

Heartfelt & Sensitive

If you're the sentimental type, you can use this section to tell your guests how much their presence at your big day means to you. All eyes will be on this page so this is the perfect opportunity to show your guests how much you love and appreciate their place in your lives!

  1. "Dearest family and friends, welcome to our wedding website. Your presence fills our hearts with joy as we embark on this special journey to forever."
  2. "Welcome, cherished family and friends, to a celebration of love and commitment. We are deeply grateful to share this day with you, surrounded by the warmth of your love."
  3. "Dear Loved Ones, Welcome to our love-filled celebration. Your presence brings meaning and joy to this special occasion as we begin our journey together."
  4. "To our nearest and dearest, thank you for joining us to celebrate this momentous occasion. We wouldn't want to say "I do" without you there with us."
  5. "Dear family and friends, your presence here today means the absolute world to us. You've been by our sides for many other occasions in our lives, and it brings us great joy to have you here for one more."

Witty & Humorous

If you're not sentimental, maybe you'd prefer to have a funny wedding website welcome message instead. Bring a little laugh to your family and friends, show your sense of humor as a couple, and help set a light-hearted mood for the big day.

Here are some wedding website welcome message examples that are witty and funny:

  1. "Hey, love bugs! Welcome to the love fest of the century. Leave your seriousness at home and bring along your best dance moves!"
  2. "Hey there, wedding-goers! Brace yourselves for a love story so wild, even Cupid's taking notes!"
  3. "The drinks are on us, the hangover is on you! We can't wait to celebrate our wedding with you."
  4. "Hey there, wedding crashers! Just kidding, you're totally invited. Let's get this party started!"
  5. "Hello to all of our friends and family! Join us for a day filled with love, laughter, and enough cake to feed a small army."

Traditional & Formal Wedding Website Welcome Message Ideas

For the traditionalists reading this post, we didn't forget about you! Here are some great wedding website welcome message examples that stick to tradition:

  1. "Welcome to the Wedding Celebration of [Your Name] & [Your Partner's Name]. We are honored to have you join us on this special day. Please explore our website for important details and updates regarding the ceremony and reception."
  2. "Welcome to Our Wedding Website. We are delighted to invite you to witness and celebrate the marriage of [Your Name] & [Your Partner's Name]. Please peruse the site for details on accommodations, directions, and more."
  3. "Welcome to Our Wedding Celebration. We are honored to invite you to witness the union of two hearts, [Your Name] & [Your Partner's Name]. Please peruse this site for all pertinent details regarding the ceremony, reception, and accommodations."
  4. "To our Loved Ones. As we prepare to embark on the journey of marriage, we are honored to have you join us in celebration. Please find all pertinent details about our upcoming nuptials on this website. We eagerly anticipate your presence at this special event."
  5. "Dear Friends and Family, It is with great pleasure that we extend our warmest invitation to you for the wedding of [Your Name] & [Your Partner's Name]. Your presence will make our special day even more memorable. Please explore this site for essential information."

Destination Wedding Website Welcome Message Examples

Tropical and exotic or sentimental and exciting. Try tailoring it to the location you've chosen to add to the excitement. If you're holding your wedding at a special destination, here are a few destination wedding website welcome messages for you to use:

  1. "Welcome to Our Destination Celebration! We're thrilled to invite you to join us for sun, sand, and a whole lot of love as we say 'I do' in Paradise. Explore this site for all the details you'll need to join our tropical adventure!"
  2. "Dear Friends and Family, get ready for a destination wedding like no other! Join us amidst the breathtaking beauty of [Destination] as we exchange vows and make memories to last a lifetime. This website is your passport to all the details for our magical celebration!"
  3. "Hello, dear guests! Join us for a destination wedding experience that's equal parts romance and adventure. From exploring [add in something you can explore] to toasting under the stars, our celebration in [Destination] promises to be unforgettable. This site has all the info you need to join us on this epic journey!"
  4. "Get your passports ready and join us in [Destination] to celebrate our wedding. We can't wait to say "I do" somewhere special with you."
  5. "Aloha, Friends and Family! Pack your bags and your sense of adventure because you're invited to our destination wedding extravaganza. From beachside vows to sunset soirees, we can't wait to share this unforgettable experience with you. Dive into this site for all the info you need to join us in paradise!"

Use These Wedding Website Templates to Get Started

Wedding websites are an absolute necessity but can be overwhelming to create if you don't know where to begin. Riley & Grey offers some magnificent, classy, and easy-to-use wedding website templates that will make communication, sharing information, and planning easier than you could ever imagine.

There are so many templates for you to choose from, but in line with the tones and moods above, here are some of our favorites:

First up, these simple but stylish templates are perfect for the easy-going couple who just want to have a simple celebration with their most special people around them.

Source: Riley & Grey

For the enchanted and sentimental couple, these options are great for inviting your friends to your fairytale day.

Source: Riley & Grey

If you're going for playful and fun, don't worry, there are some great templates for you too! Below are our top picks from Riley & Grey:

Source: Riley & Grey

They also cater to the more traditional couples who are keen on a more formal look and feel for their wedding and their wedding website.

Source: Riley & Grey

And finally, for those fun, adventurous, and/or exotic destination weddings, be it the beach or the great outdoors, these would be our choices (but they don't have to be yours, there are plenty more where these came from).

Source: Riley & Grey

What to Include in a Wedding Website Welcome Message

We said it before, but we'll say it again ... your wedding website welcome message needs to set the tone, tell your guests why they're on the page, and give them all of the essential info they need to prepare them for the big day.

Here are a few top things to include in your welcome message:

  1. Say hello! Greet your guests and welcome them to your wedding website.
  2. Tell them about the wedding. When it is, where it is, and, what time it is. Or, if you want to keep it short and sweet, at least tell them that they can find this info elsewhere on the website.
  3. The mushy stuff. Tell your guests that you're excited to celebrate with them and are grateful they can be there!
  4. A sprinkle of personality. Add a little touch of personality that reflects your relationship not only with each other but with your guests as well.

Reception Only Wedding Website Welcome Message Ideas

If you're having a reception only, your welcome message will look a little bit different. Here are a few examples of reception-only wedding website welcome messages for you to use:

  1. "Surprise! We're already married, but we'd love to celebrate with you! Join us to party the night away."
  2. "Skip the formalities, (they're already done) let's get this party started!"
  3. "You're invited ... to our wedding party. Yes, you read right, we're married already but we didn't want to miss the chance to celebrate with you."

Wedding Website Welcome Message Tips

When you're writing a wedding website welcome message, there are a few things you want to include. Keep it short, sweet, and simple. Avoid dragging it out or making it something that's burdensome to read.

Your message will play a part in setting the tone for your big day, so keep that in mind as well. But even if you're going for a fun and sassy vibe, try to keep inside jokes out of it. Everyone will see the same message and you don't want anyone to feel excluded or out of the loop.

It is important to remember the purpose of the welcome message so that you can be sure to include everything you need to (we'll discuss this below).

The purpose of a welcome message

The purpose of your wedding website welcome message is to welcome your guests (it's in the name, people), tell them why they're on this page, and give them important information. It is also so that you can tell them how much you appreciate their attendance and how much they mean to you.

You can use it to give them updates if necessary but really, it is to make them feel excited, welcome, and ready to celebrate you.

Get started.