How to Plan Your Wedding on Pinterest

It’s no secret that Pinterest is the go-to social media platform for weddings. However, this is a blessing and a curse. Pinterest can be a great tool and resource for planning  your own event as well as ogling others’, but because everyone (from expert vendors to daydreaming fourteen-year-olds) is taking part, the visual platform has become oversaturated and overwhelming wedding-wise. Simply signing up and pinning away, at best, just doesn’t cut it and, at worst, might just produce a doily-induced meltdown well before your big day. Yes, there is such thing as too many Pinterest wedding ideas. But don’t panic just yet. We’ve whipped you up this fool-proof guide to planning your wedding on Pinterest.

What makes us so qualified to do so? To start, we have over 16,000 pins under our belt and we juggle 52 boards (and counting). Not to mention, we rack up countless hours on this particular social media site on a daily basis. So, just trust.

We’ve even provided example Pinterest wedding boards from our own Pinterest wedding profile in this post. So don’t forget to scroll through right here!

1. Create event boards. 

Please, do NOT just pin everything to one board. Take advantage of the ability to create boards for each event within your wedding from the welcome rehearsal dinner to the goodbye brunch. You’d be surprised how many people bombard one board with all their wedding-related pins, ironically, because the idea of multiple boards seems too complicated or excessive. This couldn’t be further from reality–more boards equals more organized.

Creating event-based boards is crucial at the preliminary phase of planning mainly for educational purposes. Most of us haven’t planned a wedding before, and, unless you’ve already been a super hands-on made of honor or have already been married, you’re probably not too familiar with all the different details and elements of each event. Creating a reception-specific or ceremony-specific boards (etc.) is a great way to get a grasp on event planning in general (especially if you’re feeling clueless or overwhelmed with the plethora of Pinterest wedding ideas). How are you suppose to narrow your options or select your preferences otherwise? For example, for your Reception board just get started by pinning different venues, place settings,  appetizers, etc. that generally appeal to you. Don’t get too nit-picky about anything just yet. This is just a warm up.

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