Six-Week Skin: Vintner’s Daughter

Dear betrothed who have been getting monthly facials since high school,

This post is not for you. For the rest scrambling to unearth that inner off-duty model glow, we give you our new series: Six-Week Skin. We know there isn’t always the budget or motivation to indulge in pricey and time consuming treatments, so we’re focusing on those last six weeks before we-day. Our team is trying out the best serums, facials, voodoo, etc. to see what’s worth a little last-minute investment. (Caveat: we recommend that you do a shorter spot test of any new products at least a few months before your wedding, so if you grow a horn or something, you have plenty of time to shave it off)

VD-Bottle (1)

Photo: Courtesy of Vintner’s Daughter

First up, Vintner’s Daughter. There’s been some hefty praise thrown around about this new all natural serum/face oil, and I won’t bury the headline: it’s all legit. This shit is the truth.

A little about my skin:  I’m biracial, so my biggest challenge is hyper-pigmentation. When I get a pimple, its ghost haunts my face for weeks. Other than that, I have very “normal,” slightly oily skin. So I’m basically chasing the same skin dragon as everyone else: plump, bright, even-toned, dewy perfection.

Other relevant context: I banished parabens, etc. from my skin care and makeup routines about two years ago, but I still tend to roll my eyes any time someone mentions “essential oils.” In my previous experience, essential oils have been more like snake oil – totally ineffective, bottle buzz-words that just overpower my nose and my skin with irritating fragrance.

Well, I have seen the light (and subsequent glow). Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a combination of essential oils, infused with 22 active organic and wildcrafted botanicals (and no toxic garbage), and it’s magic. The serum’s creator, April Gargiulo, also owns a winery, and she approached Vintner’s Daughter like a fine wine. Each ingredient is chosen for not only its individual capabilities but also how it works synergistically with other ingredients, and it takes many weeks to bring everything together in its most effective form. Some of the highlights: anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, skin firming phytoceramides, nourishing fatty-acids and powerful anti-oxidants to help fight signs of aging; stimulate cellular turnover; maintain skin elasticity; strengthen capillaries; inhibit melanin production; prevent wrinkles; deliver oxygen to cells and protect against free-radical damage.  Quite the mouthful, but the list of benefits only goes on. Another lesser-known perk that April clued me into: the ingredients also combine to provide a little added sun protection (comparable to about an SPF 8).

Vintner's Daughter Apri Gargiulo Vineyard

Vintner’s Daughter founder, April Gargiulo (Photo: Courtesy of Vintner’s Daughter)

After 6 weeks of applying the oil in the morning and evening (some of April’s amazing application tips coming soon), my skin has never looked better. In the past I’ve only seen standout results from exfoliating treatments, but other than my nightly Clarisonic session, this oil has single-handedly refined my pours, cleared up my pimple-prone areas, brightened my complexion and hydrated my skin to the core. Without any other products – no moisturizer, no nothin’. This is definitely one of the pricier options out there, but with no need for other products, I can see justifying the spend well beyond these 6 weeks. If you haven’t already opened another browser window to Google and buy, I clearly have not been articulate enough: if I could, I would dip my entire body in this stuff. Every night. Order it. Now.

— Marissa Gibbons, R&G Co-Founder

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  • Brighdin ONeill says:

    How do you apply it? I tried the technique in the instuctions but felt I wasted a lot of product putting it in my hands and rubbing them etc.

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