#MCM: The Best Suits & Tuxedos from Men’s Fall 2015

Think about the last amazing wedding you photo-stalked or attended. Do you remember exactly what the groom was wearing?

Nope? Not surprising.Yes, in a typical heteronormative wedding the tux is almost always eclipsed by The Dress. However, even without the same stylistic restrictions as the traditional wedding dress(i.e. long and white), groom looks tend to be even more homogenous across the board. Sad, right? We think so. This is starting to take a turn in recent years in part due to all-white wedding dresses have somewhat gone out the window themselves and arguably  thanks to a rise in same-sex wedding in which grooms don’t necessarily want to go twinsies on their tuxes.

Still, being that there is  no Groom’s Fashion Week, we decided to compile the top suits and tuxes from men’s fall 2015.

A mix of unconventional and classic, edgy and elevated, there’s something here to fit any groom’s personal style. Click through the gallery above for seventeen groom looks guests won’t forget.

Happy #mcm!

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