By Riley & Grey|Wedding Planning|November 01, 2016

How to Make Plans with Your Wedding Planner

Photo: Courtesy of Brita Olsen

There are a lot of moving parts to manage when it comes to executing your vision for your wedding day and one of the best things you can do is to start delegating. Now is the perfect time to begin building a dream team around you so that you can rest assured that your dream day goes off without a hitch (well, to be more specific: that it goes off with just one hitch – you tying that knot).

A wedding planner is your ally in this process and we’ve been chatting with Brita Olsen of Brita Olsen Creative, a go-to wedding planner, to help you figure out the best plan of attack when it comes to moving forward with your wedding planner.

Photo: Courtesy of Brita Olsen

A first step is to determine whether you simply need a day-of wedding planner or someone who’s going to two-step with you the whole way through. Here’s Olsen’s advice on the subject:

Since you can’t be in two places at once (this logic applies all the time, but particularly on your wedding day when you’re already going to feel pulled in many directions), Olsen suggests, “getting month-of or day-of coordination,” so that you can be “relaxing with friends, not organizing place cards and telling the band where to set up.”

"If your styles are not a match it will be a struggle every step of the way.

If you do opt for a more full-time wedding planner, this should “help you feel at ease and help you make choices that fit your budget and style,” Olsen continues. “I have heard so many disaster stories about couples trying to do everything themselves. They book a venue then change their mind, losing their deposit, or they hired a photographer who had a strange loophole in their contract. A planner should help you look out for potential pitfalls and come up with creative ideas that will make your wedding memorable.” Noted!

Olsen also encourages clients to chat with potential wedding planners to make sure you’re setting yourself up for a good partnership. “If your styles are not a match it will be a struggle every step of the way. You want a planner who can correctly understand your vision and help elevate your ideas or give you creative alternatives so you don’t have a cookie cutter wedding.”

We couldn’t agree more! Save the cookie-loving sweetness for the cake cutting and work with your wedding planner to help you serve up a day that is as original and unique as you want it to be.