By Riley & Grey|Event Decor & Details|November 14, 2016

Witty Advice for Your Wedding Decoration Rentals

Photo: via Witty Rentals

It’s your wedding and you can rent if you want to (and, most couples want to). Your wedding is a big deal; a big event (read: party) that has many moving parts. Most of these parts you’d much rather rent by the hour than own for a lifetime. Tables, chairs, linens, lanterns, flatware and champagne flutes (or coupes!)… all crucial for your vision, but great options to throw into your wedding decorations rentals bucket.

Well, to get creative with our hunt for the perfect props we sought the advice of our friends over at Witty Rentals; the pro-team who know a thing or two about wedding decoration rentals. In case you’re not familiar with this vibrant company, let us introduce you to Tiffany and Chelsea, the dynamic duo behind Witty Rentals who describe themselves as, “modern furniture fanatics based out of sunny San Diego.” Both Tiffany and Chelsea have an eye for design and penchant for individuality - a perfect cocktail that has allowed them to grow their unique collection of mid century style furniture and one of a kind pieces that are available to you, for rent on your wedding day.

Photo: Keith Savage via Witty Rentals

So. Where to start? Chelsea and Tiffany say they often run into a recurring theme with the couple’s who come to them for help with their wedding decoration rentals. Even though the couple “generally knows what they like or are drawn to, when it comes to deciding what they want for their big day, they're at a loss​. Do they want bohemian or modern? Romantic or Rustic? All of the above?” Witty Rentals believes “this is where the help of a specialty rental service comes in handy. The couple comes up with a inspiration board of everything they like/love/gotta have, and we come up with a cohesive design that incorporates as much of their ​desires​ as possible. This saves the couple a huge headache and allows them to focus on other aspects of the wedding.”

When it comes to decor, there’s a fine balance to be struck - you want to be thematically on-point but not so stylized that the decorations distract you and your guests from the heart of the matter (you know, that forever union you’re embarking on with your honey). Tiffany and Chelsea don’t mince words on this subject saying, “KEEP IT SIMPLE.” There’s beauty in the simple things and when it comes to your party props this duo feels that (because they fall more on the modern side of furniture design) they can say a lot without saying too much. “A lot of our inventory is muted colors and simple patterns so the party guests can enjoy them ​but not get ​completely ​distracted by them. The overall space benefits from the pieces without being the only thing focused on,” continue Tiffany and Chelsea.

We know we’re talking about wedding rentals here, so the idea of impermanence might be coming up for you. That said, the thing to keep top of mind is that even if you’re renting wedding decorations the memories generated will be forever. Tiffany and Chelsea encourage you to, “ask yourself... ‘when I look back at my wedding pictures 10 years from now am I going to hate this?’ Try to steer clear of doing anything too drastic that may end up being a short lived trend. Keeping things simple will make it easier for you not to regret things, like picking a bright red polka dot dress for your bridesmaids that may have been cool at the time.”

Noted. Even though we’re kind of into polka dots right now…