By Riley & Grey|Event Decor & Details|April 29, 2024

Behind the Bouquet: An Interview with Jenn Blazer of Juniper Flowers AZ

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“My goal is simple: I want to design your wedding flowers true to who you are, and make your heart skip a beat when you see them on your wedding day!”

Welcome to a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of wedding florals with Jenn Blazer of Juniper Flowers AZ. Based in Phoenix, this floral design studio specializes in crafting wild and playful arrangements tailored for desert weddings and elopements. With over 15 years of industry experience, she’s here to share practical insights and expert advice to help make your wedding floral dreams a reality.

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R&G: In your experience, what are the key factors couples should consider when choosing their wedding florist, and how can they ensure their vision is understood and brought to life?

JB: It is so important to trust the florist you hire, and that you’re both working towards a shared vision for your wedding flowers. To get the best result, you should feel comfortable giving your florist creative freedom, and flexibility to allocate your budget appropriately to execute on a truly one of a kind floral design.

We always ask that clients provide at least 5-10 inspiration photos before we put together a design plan. Ideally, this includes a few images of each of the most important floral items - bouquets, ceremony flowers, reception flowers. This allows us to immediately determine if we’re a good style fit, and provide a realistic quote.

R&G: Amidst the excitement of planning, what are some often overlooked details or considerations that couples should keep in mind when it comes to their floral arrangements?

JB: Think through the flow of your wedding day, and where you want your guests to experience unique floral moments, or where you’ll need a little extra decor. Items like florals on your welcome sign, on cocktail tables, or on your cake are all details you might not think of in the early stages of planning. You can always ask your florist if they think you’re missing any important floral items. Even if they’re small floral moments, they need to be included in your design plan to make sure they don’t get missed.

Another favorite tip of ours - think outside the norm! There are so many unique alternatives to a traditional centerpiece, buttonhole, or wooden ceremony arch. Florists are designing spectacular wearable flowers as alternatives to buttonholes, adding fruit and other decorative elements to the tables and designing ceremony flowers entirely on the ground.

R&G: Are there any greenery or floral options that you’re loving right now in particular?

JB: We are so excited to see bright colors coming back into wedding design! At Juniper Flowers, we love bold and playful designs with lots of lush greenery, so we’ll always be excited to play with color and texture, but mostly, we just love seeing couples authentically lean into what inspires them the most.

R&G: When it comes to budgeting for floral arrangements, what advice do you have for couples to get the most out of their investment?

JB: It sounds sort of silly, but I always ask couples to describe the most important photos they’re hoping to have from their wedding day. What is that one moment you’re most excited about experiencing and capturing? If that moment is the two of you sharing your first kiss in front of a spectacular floral backdrop, your budget is probably best allocated towards the ceremony. If that moment is you with your wedding party, you might be willing to spend more on wedding party bouquets, boutonnieres and other wearable flowers. Or, if you care most about having really special portraits of the two of you at sunset, your most important flowers might be your personal flowers, and you don’t need to spend as much on wedding party flowers.

My number one piece of budgeting advice is to trust your florist, and don't try to dictate specific flower varieties. As floral designers, we are subject to the whims of nature and perishable products, and we’re skilled at finding the perfect flowers to suit your design, even if it’s something completely different than what you originally expected.

R&G: What are some common misconceptions about wedding florals that couples often have, and how can understanding these better help in planning?

JB: I think sometimes it’s hard for clients to overlook the fact that fresh flowers are perishable, and won’t last beyond their wedding. This can make it hard to understand why wedding flowers are so expensive, but the reality is, floral design is truly an art form, and florists are artists just like a painter or sculptor. The fact that flowers are perishable doesn’t diminish the weeks of time and effort that it takes to create one of a kind displays of floral art on your wedding day. Once you reframe it like this, and recognize that hiring a skilled wedding florist is equivalent to commissioning a completely unique installation of art for your wedding day, it can be a little easier to determine whether it’s worth the investment for you.

R&G: What’s one question you wished every couple asked you during the planning process?

JB: I wish more clients would ask us how we would best allocate their budget. As florists, we understand the nuance of different design styles, how labor intensive certain items are, and which floral and decorative elements really stand out both during the wedding and after the fact in your photos and videos. We want to make sure you get the best value for your money, and would sometimes recommend you skip certain things and allocate your budget elsewhere. We truly just want you to have the best day ever!

With Jenn’s wealth of experience and dedication to crafting bespoke floral arrangements, you can trust that your wedding flowers will not only capture your unique style, but also infuse your celebration with beauty and joy. By asking the right questions, leaning on your florist for budget allocation advice, and being open to the details of your greater vision, you are set up for success in experiencing floral magic on your wedding day. Enlisting trusted partners like Juniper Flowers AZ in your wedding planning journey is one important factor in ensuring an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable experience. Get inspired by Juniper Flowers AZ's recent work on Instagram or get in touch here.