By Riley & Grey|Event Decor & Details|March 05, 2024

Answering Your Top FAQs About Wedding Invitations

Image by Riley & Grey

Planning your dream wedding involves countless decisions, and one of the most crucial aspects is undoubtedly your wedding invitations. These elegant pieces of stationery not only convey important information but also set the tone for your special day. To help you navigate the world of wedding invitations, we've gathered answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Are wedding invitations the same as save-the-dates?

Wedding invitations and save-the-dates play distinct roles in your wedding preparations. Save-the-dates act as a preliminary heads-up to your guests, informing them of the date and location well in advance. This allows guests to make necessary arrangements, especially if they need to travel. In contrast, wedding invitations are more formal and detailed. They include all the essential information guests need to attend your celebration and are typically sent out 6-8 weeks before the big day.

Can wedding invitations be emailed?

Yes! In today's digital age, emailing wedding invitations, also known as digital invitations, is a popular and convenient option. Not only does it save on costs, but it's also environmentally friendly. Digital invitations offer instant delivery and streamline the RSVP process by directing guests to your wedding website, where they can find all the necessary details in one place.

Do you print invitations?

At Riley & Grey, we collaborate with a premium printing partner in the US to bring your designs to life on high-quality paper and envelopes. Our printed invitations start at $2.80 per invite and can be shipped worldwide. In addition to invitations, we also offer printing services for Save-the-Dates, Menus, Programs, Translucent Inserts, RSVP Cards, and envelopes.

Can I upload my own design?

Absolutely! With Riley & Grey's Guest Management tools, you can easily add your Guest List and send communications directly from your wedding website. While currently only Riley & Grey designs can be used for printed invitation sets, you have the flexibility to upload digital image files to personalize your invitations, outside of what Riley & Grey offers.

How can I get matching invitations for my wedding website?

Our Design Gallery boasts nearly 50 stunning wedding website designs with coordinating invitation sets. Whether you prefer classic elegance or modern flair, you'll find the perfect match for your wedding theme. Many of our designs are available in multiple colors, ensuring seamless coordination between your website and invitations.

Can I get free wedding invitations?

Your Riley & Grey membership offers the exciting opportunity to design and send digital invitations for free. Experiment with our invitation editor to create your ideal set at no cost. Additionally, we provide free paper samples of example invitations with complimentary shipping within the US, allowing you to experience our printing and paper quality firsthand. If you opt for printed invitation sets, they are available for purchase.

Planning your wedding should be a joyous, and sometimes overwhelming, experience, and with Riley & Grey's range of invitation options, you can easily add a touch of elegance and personalization to your special day. From digital invitations to premium printed sets, we're here to make your wedding dreams a reality.

Ready to embark on your invitation journey? Explore our collection today and begin crafting the perfect introduction to your unforgettable celebration!