By Riley & Grey|Wedding Planning|November 02, 2016

Wedding Flower Costs & Budget: How to Get the Biggest Blooms for Your Buck

Photo: via Aurora Botanica

Your Big Day is fast approaching and you’ve locked down your style; your theme is aesthetically on-point, and you’re ready to bring this dream you’ve been manifesting into a reality. Speaking of reality: you’re also ready to get real about your budget.

We totally understand that florals are a crucial element for expressing your taste and elevating your wedding day into the dreamy affair that you’ve been imagining. Well, we’ve got some great news for you! We’ve been chatting with a couple of Brooklyn’s finest floral taste-makers and we’ve gathered the inside scoop on how you you can keep wedding flower costs manageable, without compromising the look and feel of your dream wedding.

Here’s a roundup of the best advice for getting the biggest blooms for your buck:

“Mixing is where it’s at!” says, Rawan Rihani of Brooklyn based flower shop, Aurora Botanica. When envisioning your ideal wedding flowers add in a “true mix of greenery and wild greens mixed with textual florals.” Rihani adds that if you pepper these affordable options throughout your arrangements with showstoppers blossoms like wild peonies and roses, you’ll end up with wedding flower designs that don’t add up to worrisome wedding flower costs. Brilliant!

Photo: Courtesy of Stems Brooklyn
“There is absolutely no mathematical formula to determine your wedding flower costs…”

Keep it seasonal. This budget friendly trick doesn’t just apply to your delightful farm-to-table menu; weave it into your wedding flower persona as well. Suzanna Cameron, owner of the darling flower shop Stems Brooklyn says, “This seasonal trick depends on where you live.” She notes that larger blooms like roses and hydrangeas are go-to options to give you, “more bang” for your buck.

Rihani agrees with the “keep it seasonal” rule of thumb and offers some additional notes to keep in mind. It’s important to consider how “wedding flower costs range at different seasons and are priced out based on how rare and special they are.” For example, in NYC, “sweet peas, tango roses, Misaka Itoh Peonies, and Ladyslipper orchids are rare, so they are always very highly priced.”

While Cameron admits that “there is absolutely no mathematical formula to determine your wedding flower's all about what is most important to each couple,” Rihani says that there are a few key variables that always seem to surprise couples when it comes to wedding flower costs. “Centerpieces and floral installations such as chuppah or wedding arch...this is where all the money really can add up.” Good floral advice to keep in mind when scouting venues and dreaming up tablescapes.

Here’s the thing: balance is key. It’s easy to get swept up in the frenzy of wedding planning, but ultimately we know you want the magic of your big day to carry you into the bliss of a substantive and happy marriage; no need for budget woes to dampen your flame. There is absolutely a beautiful, satisfying middle ground that exists between the wedding flowers of your dreams and the wedding flower costs of your budget. Keeps these aforementioned tips in mind and we’re certain mapping out your florals will feel less like a nightmare and more like a bed of roses.