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Bridal Style: An Interview with Kate Loscalzo at Something White Styling

Kate Loscalzo of Something White Styling

Navigating the path to bridal style is a personal voyage—one marked by choices that speak to individuality and vision. Enter Something White Styling, an avenue sculpted by Kate Loscalzo, dedicated to accompanying brides on this practical yet profound journey. Here, the focus is not just on finding the perfect dress, but on discovering a style that resonates deeply, translating seamlessly into each wedding-related occasion.

After the celebrity wardrobe stylist was regularly serving as a fashion resource for most of her engaged friends, Kate identified an incredible opportunity in bridal fashion. While brides regularly hire a professional to do their hair and makeup, why not hire a professional to help find a wedding dress and plan the outfits for one of the biggest life events? Enter Something White Styling.

Image courtesy of Something White Styling

RG: What is Something White Styling?

SWS: Something White Styling (SWS) is a luxury bridal styling and designer rental service.

We offer curated styling packages for every event leading up to the wedding day. Whether you need help choosing your wedding dress or simply want to pick out looks for any of the other bridal events, such as Rehearsal Dinner or Bridal Shower, our bespoke styling services will help you find + plan out your perfect wedding wardrobe.

In addition to these styling packages we offer designer little white dress rentals and accessories. Think of it as a rotating closet exclusive to bridal, available for 5-10 day rental periods. SWS designer rentals allow you to wear multiple outfits + experiment with style at a fraction of the cost.

Our goal in all of our offerings is to make brides' style dreams become a reality. We understand that wedding planning can be stressful at times, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choices involved in making your special day; special! We are here to alleviate that stress by helping you look and feel your absolute best by curating all the outfits you may need as a bride. Through a therapeutic approach SWS styling services are meant to provide inspiration and help guide you in uncovering your true style identity as a bride.

R&G: What kind of brides are right for SWS?

SWS: SWS is for the bride who:

  • Is ready to kickstart their bridal style journey + have some fun during the process.
  • Wants unique + iconic looks while feeling like the best version themselves.
  • Envisions a stress free bridal shopping experience + wedding day.

Something White Styling’s main client is the bride who is a bit non-traditional. They believe that bridal can and should be cool, but doesn't necessarily have the time or expertise needed to execute their dream wedding wardrobe.

R&G: What are you loving right now in bridal fashion?

SWS: My absolute favorite trend in bridal fashion isn’t necessarily a trend but a sentiment, that sentiment being - you’re free to do whatever you want! There is no shortage of creativity in the bridal fashion space meaning the options are endless. Finding what makes you feel like your most radiant and confident self precedes any trend.

All that being said, I personally am loving more sculptural dresses, whether they have a unique neckline or draped detail around the waist.

R&G: You’re planning your own wedding right now and are using Riley & Grey for your wedding website! What design did you choose and how does it tie into your overall wedding aesthetic?

SWS: I used the Signature design on Riley & Grey, which is probably one of the more simple designs, but it allowed me to share a lot of fun, personal photos. Also, we are getting married abroad and it was important to me that we were able to share a lot of detailed information on the website without it feeling too overwhelming.

R&G: What’s been surprising about figuring out your own wedding style?

SWS: I wasn't really sure what my wedding style was going to be like, but I definitely ended up being a little more simple than I had originally imagined. In the beginning of wedding planning I wanted to do everything very funky and eclectic, but after consulting my fiancé, I tamed things down a little bit so we have a good balance.

R&G: What’s one piece of advice you think brides should remember when figuring out their bridal style?

SWS: One piece of advice I would give brides who are figuring out their bridal style is to do what feels right for you and your partner. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to wedding planning. It is YOUR day to commemorate your love, no one else's. Also, have fun while doing it and don’t be afraid to utilize the different resources available to you. A stylist is just one of the many things that really can save time, money, and stress. And don't be afraid to ask questions or chat with a bride who got married somewhere similar, they may have a lot of answers or helpful tips.

R&G: What does the process of working with a new bride look like? How do you get to know their style goals?

SWS: The first step is a virtual style consultation where we do a deep dive into our clients personal style and what makes them feel beautiful. During the call we ask a lot of different questions to better understand how they want to look + feel on their wedding day.

From there, we use that information and put together a customized lookbook of outfit options, all based on their personal style, budget, vision, color palette, location, etc.

R&G: How can brides get in touch with you to learn more about Something White Styling?

SWS: The best way for brides to get in touch with us is through email at

Brides can also find more information or even book a styling package directly from the website. There, you can find all of our services, every styling package we offer, and you can browse the fabulous selection of designer little white dresses!

You can also connect with us on social media @somethingwhitestyling. Our Instagram is a great place to find any fun wedding wardrobe inspiration as well as get exclusive styling tips.

With Something White Styling, your bridal style journey finds its compass, guiding you towards attire that reflects your essence with every stitch and accessory. Connect with Kate to embark on this tailored experience, where your wedding attire becomes not just a choice, but an extension of your authentic self.