By Riley & Grey|Fashion & Photography|November 14, 2016

A Perfect Match? Pairing Engagement & Wedding Ring Designs

Photo: via Ana Sheffield

There are many, many ways to make a big statement about your love, and we concede that selecting your engagement and wedding ring designs is no exception. With a strong nod to individuality and a salute to reclaiming tradition in a way that works for you, we set out to chat with some industry experts for their go-to advice for all couples choosing to seal the deal with a ring.

Jewelry design darlings over at Brooklyn-based Catbird are known for their originality and delicate twists on traditions. So, really, any of their offerings are on the table and they know this. Jessica Miller, Catbird’s retail manager, assures that selecting matching wedding ring designs isn’t a necessity sharing that, “the styles of the rings do not have to be similar. Lots of couples ask for matching metal with a different design on each.”

Photo: Courtesy of Catbird

Consummate engagement and wedding ring designer, Anna Sheffield agrees with this sentiment saying, “it’s more about complementary rings.” It’s about what feels right; Sheffield and her team call it “Perfect Pairing,” saying that, “the couple is a perfect pairing, though each person is unique. So, same goes for the ring choice!” Word.

“There are no rules in love…”

In fact, Sheffield is big on love stories and, more poignantly, the equality of love. “The love story is treated the same, everyone plays out their love story how they see fit: universally.” When it comes to her wedding and engagement ring designs, Sheffield is game to make design alterations to complement the couple. “I have made some really lovely adaptations to women's rings for men- like an Attelage with a cushion cut black diamond that was layered with the Cartier Love band once they wed.”

Catbird’s Miller agrees with the “love trumps all” sentiment, sharing that she and her team believe, “it's the same for all couples who shop with us - they're in love and looking for the ring (or rings) that suits their love.”

Regardless of your personal take on partnership, penchant for “bling,” or budget size, it makes sense that some heart-felt thoughtfulness be brought into the statement you decide to make with you and your partner’s engagement and wedding ring designs. As Sheffield says, “there are no rules in love. Each and every person gets to express their love for their partner in the way that feels true to them; the ring is a symbol and should be fitted as such.”

In conclusion, “do you.”