By Riley & Grey|Wedding Planning|November 16, 2016
  • 1. Size Matters

    "Perhaps the cake is more for the ceremonial cutting - couples can save a lot of money by discussing the required size of the cake during the consultation."

  • 2. What about the weather?

    “Weather will affect the type of buttercream that your cake decorator recommends, and they’ll want to know where you plan on keeping the cake.”

  • 3. Take A Stand (or Don't)

    "How do you plan on presenting your cake? If you want to rent a cake stand, let your cake decorator know in advance."

  • 4. Cash or Check?

    You need to know "what sort of structure a cake decorator has for receiving payments" before you get started.

  • 5. Where Is Your Wedding?

    “Will it be hot? Well lit? Will it be easy for everyone to see? These things should be considered from the start so the cake designed is perfectly suited.”

5 Wedding Cake Design Questions You Can’t Forget to Ask

To get a good answer, you’ve got to ask to right questions. To get a good (read: amazing!) wedding cake, the same truth applies: you’ve got to ask the right questions. The best part of this question-asking scenario? Your baker will love you for it. Asking your cake designer the right questions gives them the clear direction they need to confidently get after bringing your confectionary vision to life. Here, some of the top questions for you to keep top of mind from some of the finest wedding cake designers around. (Thumbnail Photo: via The Caker; Feature Photo: via Lily Vanilli)

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