By Riley & Grey|Fashion & Photography|November 15, 2016
  • DON'T keep quiet.

    “If [my clients] make a suggestion or say something isn’t working, they’re probably right.”

  • DO allow for enough time.

    “People run late, things take longer.”

  • DON'T wear uncomfortable clothing.

    “If your dress is stiff, you look stiff.”

  • DO gaze into each other’s eyes.

    “Looking into the camera and not at each other” is a no-no.

  • DON'T choose a wedding/engagement photo setting where you feel out of place and not at ease.

    You want your photography to be like “a fly on the wall.”

  • DO feel the love.

    “If you can forget the photographer is there and focus on showing genuine affection for your partner, those are going to be priceless images.”

How To Make Sure Your Engagement & Wedding Photo Ideas Aren’t Cheesy

Wipe that cold sweat from your brow and get ready for everyone’s favorite topic: how to take amazing wedding photos where you look like yourself, but also better than you’ve ever looked before. Like, ever. And what about engagement photo ideas? With no pre-determined wardrobe, setting, or activity, as is not the case on your wedding day, the engagement photo sessions is pretty much a blank slate - and can get pretty posed or corny, very easily. While this entire process may feel intimidating, we’ve worked with enough wedding photographers and couples and seen enough wedding photos to know that this is so within the realm of possibility. We’re not saying that getting the perfect wedding photos (and engagement photos!) is effortless, but we are saying it is doable! Especially with some helpful tips from some of our fav wedding photographers. All you need is a few quick dos and don’ts and, with this advice, we have every confidence you’ll be swooning over your own glossy pics. Here we go.

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