By Riley & Grey|Event Decor & Details|November 15, 2016
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    Over-the-top Tablescapes

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    Misusing the terms “Seasonal” and “Local”

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    Emphasis on wedding flowers alone

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    "Wedding flowers have to be very, very pricey"

4 Wedding Flower Faux Pas Almost Everyone Commits

Even a subject as sweetly scented as a room full of fresh gardenia can start smelling like bullsh*t when prices are skyrocketing and suggested “necessities” feel like they’re getting out of hand. When it comes to your wedding flowers, we’ve got some insider tips for how to forego the B.S. in favor of keeping this sweet and squarely in your desired wheelhouse. Here, the top four wedding flower options to call B.S. on, brought to you by some of the best floral darlings in the industry. (Photo: via Khloris New York)

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